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International Association of Square Dance Callers

We are an international organization of square dance callers. Our mission statement is “To foster the art of square dance calling, and improve caller skills”. We fulfill this mission by providing guidance and education, certifying caller coaches, maintaining standardized lists of calls and definitions, and generally promoting the square dance activity” 

Australian Callers Federation

The Australian Caller Federation (ACF) operates within Australia as a federation of Square Dance callers and their organisations. It provides leadership and coordination in its role as a national body. It is governed by a constitution, and a board elected by the member associations and the caller members. It is a non profit organisation directing all its resources however derived to its operation and to the pursuit of its aims. 

National Square Dance Society of Australia

This information on Modern Square Dancing in Australia is proudly brought to you by the National Square Dance Society of Australia Inc.

Grand Square International


The Grand Square International mission is as follows:

- to enhance the general public perception of square dancing

- to keep the square dance and general public informed of all news worthy square dance issues and events

- to promote the health benefits of square dancing to both the general public and to the square dance population

- to be a communication vehicle for all square dancers

- to increase the popularity of square dancing worldwide

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